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Our mission is your success


Flexible, precise and target-oriented, our team of experienced IT specialists implements pioneering solutions.

Since 1988, we have successfully supported our customers in the integrated planning and implementation of future-oriented software solutions - from requirements analysis to conception and application design, and right up to programming, commissioning and maintenance.

Our services focus on:

  • Software development
  • Software resourcing
  • Software consulting


The versatility of our team of highly qualified employees, combined with many years of project experience and comprehensive technological and industry expertise, provide the flexibility and performance that is needed to develop competitive products quickly and robustly and to adapt these to market conditions.

We ensure planning reliability and sustainable project success with our structured approach that is geared to the respective project requirements; with precise and reliable project implementation in close coordination with our customers; and with our permanent project monitoring. 

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Customised software development
  • Product development e-Gas
  • Architecture and technology consulting
  • Agile project management
Customised software development

For 30 years now, we have enthusiastically designed and developed individual, customised software solutions for a wide variety of themes and industries. Based on our varied technological know-how and the use of proven and pioneering technologies, we provide reliable support to our customers in implementing their specific business requirements in accordance with their needs during all project phases:

  • Requirements and process analysis
  • Specification (user requirements specification)
  • Conception
  • Application design and prototyping
  • Development/further development
  • Test, integration and start-up
  • Maintenance and support

We assume the complete implementation of software systems and components. However, if required, we also strengthen your project teams in implementing your requirements with qualified employees:

  • Software developers
  • Software architects
  • Technical leads
  • Project managers
  • Scrum masters


  • Web and desktop solutions
    Today, apart from traditional desktop applications, web-based software solutions are used for complex business process applications and, increasingly, also for technical applications.  Usability (UX design), performance and security play an important role.
    Our range of services includes the new, further development and maintenance of web and desktop solutions from the backend, to the middleware and right up to the frontend. We can draw on many years of project experience with varied technological and architectural competence in Java EE and .NET, as well as various tools and frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Wicket, GWT, Swing, Angular.
  • Apps for mobile terminal devices
    Selected business processes of companies are increasingly also mapped on mobile devices. We offer individual solutions in the form of native, hybrid or web apps for Android and iOS on different devices (smartphone, tablet, wearables, smart watch, Apple Watch).
  • Multi-tier client-server applications

  • IoT solutions
    In numerous devices, machines and vehicles a large amount of data (big data) can already be retrieved via sensors and, for example stored in a cloud. As a result of this data evaluation, a variety of services can be offered, e.g. for the control of household appliances (smart home), for early recognition of the necessary maintenance measures, for the creation of cleaning schedules, or for autonomous driving.
    We support you in implementing Internet of Things solutions - from the acquisition and management of sensor data, to its evaluation (e.g. in conjunction with deep learning) and the provision of specific services. We use technologies such as MQTT, ActiveMQ, REST, Spring, AWS, Azure, Docker.
  • Cloud-based solutions
    We support you in the development of scalable, cloud-based software solutions and thus increase the availability, scalability and profitability of your solutions. Here we can refer to experiences with AWS, Azure, Docker, MQTT, ActiveMQ, REST.
  • Database solutions (Big Data)

Architecture and technology consulting

In view of the increasing diversity and complexity of IT technologies, the demands placed on architectural and technological decisions are growing. We consult you regarding the professional planning, design and implementation of robust and durable application architectures, as well as in the selection of suitable technologies and tools.

Within the context of our free Expert Sessions, we regularly inform you about current technologies, methods and trends in IT.

Agile project management

Based on our many years of experience in the implementation of software projects, our scrum masters and lead developers offer you competent support for the successful handling of your discerning projects.

Our agile and structured project execution, providing a flexible and fast reaction to changing project and technology requirements, forms the basis for an efficient development of customised solutions. Methods such as Scrum, Kanban and TDD are used.

If necessary, we coach your project teams in using the appropriate process model.